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TenPoint logo TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is the foremost leader in crossbow engineering, performance and technology. Always at the forefront of innovation and design, TenPoint builds some of the best crossbows on the planet. TenPoint is also known for its bulletproof customer service. They treat every customer like a king or queen proving they know how to take care of their customers. read more


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Carbon Fusion CLS - - - $1799.99 - $2199.00 2011
Carbon Xtra CLS - - - $2599.00 - $2990.00 2011
Defender CLS - - - $998.99 - $998.99 2009 - 2011
Maverick HP - - - $689.99 - $979.00 2011
Stealth XLT - - - $999.99 - $1399.00 2011

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Blazer HP not available now
Elite $99.99 - $1870.00
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Elite QX-4 not available now
GT Curve not available now
GT Flex $399.00 - $768.90
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GT Mag $739.99 - $829.99
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Hybrid Lite not available now
Lazer HP $939.99 - $1039.99
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Phantom CLS $1599.00 - $1799.99
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Phantom CLS-S $1599.00 - $1799.99
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Phantom Xtra not available now
Pro Elite $99.99 - $1870.00
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Pro Fusion not available now
Pro Slider not available now
Shadow CLS not available now
Slider not available now
Titan HLX $729.99 - $729.99
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Titan TL-4 not available now
Titan TL-7 not available now
Turbo XLT $845.99 - $1099.00
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In 1994, several men including Bill Bednar (who is in the Archery Hall of Fame), and his son Rick, came together with the purpose of building a better crossbow. They felt that there was a need to make a crossbow that used better technology and innovations. They wanted a crossbow built for their customer's needs and one that the customers knew TenPoint would stand behind.

TenPoint started out with 2 principles. The first one was that there could be no compromise on quality. Everything they made would be up to their highest standards. The second was Customer Service. With a foundation of sound business relationships built on respect, trust and ethical behavior.

These principles have guided them into being a world leader in the crossbow world.

Recently releasing another line of crossbows under the Wicked Ridge name, TenPoint is producing crossbows for all hunters.

Technology and Products

TenPoint is the leader in innovations: ACUdraw and ACUdraw 50, ACUdraw 52, ACUrope, 3.5 lb, PowerTouch trigger, Patented GripSafety secondary safety to help protect the fingers and thumb on the fore-grip hand, Patented DFI (dry-fire-inhibitor),CLS (compact limb system) and XLT (xtreme limb technology) are just a few of the innovations you can expect to see on TenPoint and Wicked Ridge crossbows.

This year TenPoint released the Carbon Fusion CLS. The Carbon Fusion CLS is leading the competition with its new carbon fiber barrel. Quite and light are the first things you notice about this crossbow. With a 185lb draw weight it drives arrows at an impressive 345 fps. This crossbow is setting the standard for what hunters will expect from crossbows in the future. TenPoint crossbows start at around $500 and top out at around $2000, there is something for everyone in this line-up.

The Wicked Ridge line offers the Invader. This crossbow is packed with impressive features at an affordable price. A 180lb draw weight fires bolts at 305fps. Its new ACUdraw 52 reduced the pull weight by about 50%. The Invader is an accurate crossbow that has the design features and abilities of much more expensive crossbows. At around $500, it's definitely a great bang for your buck.


Quality without compromise and World Class customer service is what comes with every TenPoint crossbow. Packed with features and innovations that are at the forefront of crossbow technology, TenPoint offers something for everyone. Built for hunters TenPoint is the Cadillac of crossbows.