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Scorpyd logo Extraordinarily fast and powerful are just a few of the words used to describe Scorpyd crossbows. Using a unique new design, these crossbows are made for hunters and packed with design features to improve the experience.

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In the fall of 2003, Jim Kempf was hunting from a favorite tree and thinking about crossbows. He wanted to make something that was quieter and better than the other crossbows available. He had the idea of reversing the limbs on the crossbow to give it a shorter brace height and a longer power stroke. This would give the arrow a dramatic increase in speed and a flatter trajectory.


Because of Jim's inspiration while hunting, the Scorpyd crossbow was born. With the compound limbs reversed it has a scorpion like appearance. The reversed limb technology was only a part of what makes these crossbows special. A patent pending S.T.A.G. trigger has allowed them to have a genuine 2.5 # trigger with no creep. It also is extraordinarily safe due to a new bolt sensor that prevents dry firing. A folding stock and built in cocking rope guide are also standard giving this crossbow more huntability.

With their new designs, Scorpyd crossbows able to get a much greater performance out of lower draw weights. This makes them much quieter than other crossbows shooting at the same speeds.

The SLP has a draw weight of 165# and shoots a 400 grain arrow at an incredible 425 feet per second. Nothing else is even close to this performance in this draw weight.

The Telson is pushing 400 grain arrows out at 385 fps with only 130# draw weight. These are incredible feats of engineering and design.

The balance of these bows is extraordinary. With the weight farther in the back, you no longer have to fight to keep the crossbow up and on target.


These are high performance crossbows built for serious hunters. They start at about $1050 and can cost up to $1300 dollars.


Scorpyd crossbows are built for the hardcore hunters. These high performance crossbows are built to perform at the next level. With Reverse Draw Technology, these crossbows produce more speed for their draw than any other crossbows on the market. The Scorpyd line are the first crossbows to produce one pound of kinetic energy for each pound of draw weight. These crossbows will give you the power you need on your next hunt.