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Kodabow logo Kodabow is a new entrant into the crossbow industry who is already setting a high standard to follow. Kodabow uses space age materials and a unique new design that provides power and durability that is second to none.

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Kodabow's are designed and manufactured to be more dependable that the average hunter would ever need. This durability is important for those tough times in the field where having a crossbow you can count on makes the difference between taking home the game or going home empty handed.


In 2010, Chuck Matasic started Kodabow. Like most in the crossbow industry, Chuck began life as a vertical archer. A passion for the outdoors drove Chuck towards employment in the outdoor industry. Chuck had a great deal of experience with both archery and firearms. Several years ago, Chuck noticed that States were shifting to allow the use of crossbows as a viable hunting and game management tool. He also wanted to provide an exceptional youth model crossbow. He saw the need for crossbows that use more of the high quality/high tech materials available in today's world to provide a better product.

Made in the USA

At Kodabow, they also feel that "Made in the USA" is heard much less frequently than it should be. Hunters are defined by the sport they love and knowing how and where the components are produced is important. That's why Kodabow's and their components are "Made in the USA."

Technologies and innovations

Kodabow is gaining a following among hunters who want something that they can depend on no matter what the situation is. Their crossbows are fast and accurately built for the hunt no matter where the chase leads.

The first thing that you notice about Kodabow's is that it uses a high-tech recurve design. This Dynamic Flex Energy Storage uses new concepts in physics to create a better transfer of power. These limbs were chosen for their dependability and durability. Its proven design works everywhere every time. After picking it up, you get the feel of a finely crafted hunting tool.

Another innovation is their advanced trigger group, the Cam Following Trigger System. This system provides an extremely clean crisp trigger break. It's the same kind of trigger you would find on a high quality firearm.

The Kodabow uses a machined riser with anti dry fire mechanism. It also has a Solid Rail Technology, which allows you to use more accessories are standard on Kodabow's.

Quality product line

All of these features are built into this premium crossbow line. Four different draw weights are available from the Alpha Strike at 155lb draw weight shooting 272fps to the Big Rhino pulling 225lbs and shooting 355fps. Priced from $800 and up Kodabow's, are quality products for hunters.


Chuck Matasic started Kodabow to provide hunters with a durable, reliable and accurate hunting crossbow. Kodabow Crossbows are built on the premise of "No compromise." Modern materials, advanced technology and experience are used to build a crossbow that can handle much more than most will ever throw at them.