Horton Crossbows

Horton logo For half a century now Horton has been a pioneer in crossbow technology. Always at the forefront, Horton is one of the forces that have shaped today's modern crossbows. They're built for the hunter to enhance the hunting experience. Horton seeks to leave a legacy of craftsmanship that and unending desire to recruiting more hunters into crossbow hunting.

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17 models for sale
Model Prices, USD
Bone Collector $63.35 - $630.57
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Brotherhood $79.00 - $558.11
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Explorer HD 150 $199.99 - $199.99
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Hunter HD 150 not available now
Hunter HD 175 $119.00 - $424.95
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Legacy 200 not available now
Legacy CS 225 $653.95 - $700.99
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Legacy HD 175 $129.95 - $509.99
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Legend HD 175 $249.99 - $249.99
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Realtree HD 175 $129.95 - $129.95
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ReCon 175 not available now
Scout HD 125 $300.00 - $442.40
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Summit HD 150 $300.00 - $300.00
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Tacoma $219.99 - $359.99
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Team RealTree $419.99 - $687.96
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TRT $79.00 - $738.12
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Vision 175 $124.95 - $988.86
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Nearly 50 years ago, Bernard Horton began to experiment with crossbow designs in order to build himself a better short range weapon for hunting big game. His goal was to build something rugged, compact and accurate. From his first designs, he began to create and refine his crossbows. Word quickly spread about his abilities and the Horton Crossbows was born.

Horton has always placed great emphasis in tradition, technologies and innovation that drive the crossbow industry into new heights. The Dial-A-Range rail design, Talon Trigger, Dura Tip Integrated Yoke System, Perfect Adjustable Cheek Piece and Stock, Multi Range Scope and Anti-Dry-Fire Technology are just a few of the innovations produced by Horton that have advanced the entire crossbow industry.

Great lineups

Horton has been listening to their customers and is excited to offer their most advanced and dynamic line up yet. Horton's bow makers and hunters have been striving to make a true shooters crossbow. This lineup is based upon; user-friendly design, comfort, value, safety, quality, performance and reliability.


High performance limbs, fast new cam and riser designs that deliver enhanced power, cocking devices, scopes, rings and mounts are just a few of the new innovations you'll find on this year's crossbow offerings from Horton.

Top crossbows

The Vision 175 with its unique reverse design leads off this year in the Horton line-up. It's ultra-compact; whisper quiet crossbow is only 16 inches ATA and just over 35 inches long. It delivers a 20 inch bolt at 300fps. Its Patented Frontal String Technology minimizes the length needed to shoots arrows with speed and bone crushing power. The Vision 175 is built for speed and stealth, but it handles like a dream. With the weight balanced away from the front it mounts and shoots beautifully.

The Bone Collector is also another powerful offering from Horton. Shooting a quick 320 fps, this crossbow has more than enough backbone and knockdown power for any game you choose to hunt. It features an over molded cheek rest, bull pupstyle stock with anti-dry fire technology, aluminum barrel and die cast riser. In addition to this, its 55% let off limbs make it very easy to cock. This crossbow will get it done on your next hunt.

Price range

Starting at $499 through $849 these crossbows are priced for every hunter.


Horton is an innovative leader in the crossbow industry. They've driven forward technological advances and improvements in crossbows for nearly half a century. Skilled and dedicated employees with a true passion for the hunt and a love of the outdoors will continue to produce some of the best crossbows available for the next half century.