Barnett Crossbows

Barnett logo For 50 years, Barnett has been setting the standard in crossbow technology and innovation. Their motto of building crossbows for hunters by hunters has helped to drive them to the top of the crossbow market. With over one million crossbows sold, you know that they are doing something right. All of their mainline crossbows are made in America, and they provide both compound and recurve models.

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15 models for sale
Model Prices, USD
Bonecrusher not available now
Buck Commander $74.95 - $720.99
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Ghost 350 $74.00 - $657.37
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Ghost 400 $74.00 - $999.99
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Jackal $264.00 - $389.95
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Panzer V $77.39 - $225.98
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Penetrator $74.00 - $599.99
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Phantom JR. $75.00 - $75.00
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Predator $87.95 - $703.49
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Quad 400 $57.99 - $500.00
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Quad AVi $78.95 - $470.99
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RC -150 not available now
Revolution AVi $399.99 - $459.99
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Vortex $76.01 - $189.95
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Wildcat C5 $74.95 - $419.99
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Started 50 years ago, as the dream of one man, Barnett has come a long way from its beginning. It grew from one man's hobby and a desire of making something better than what was available. Barnett has followed one major principle of making each model better, faster and stronger than the one before. They have a great track record of doing this, which isn't bad for a business that started out as a hobby.

The self-cocking mechanism of the Commando crossbow led the way for Barnett to become a true pioneer in the crossbow industry. Barnett also came out with the first compound crossbow the Demon. It had the Quick Detach Frontend feature which is something that is still found on every Barnett crossbow today.

Barnett crossbows are made to meet the needs of both the expert archers and the novice who want a reliable crossbow. They are all designed to provide everything that a hardcore hunter would want or need. Barnett crossbows are made for the hunt.

Pioneering such technology as the patented Magnesium STR riser, Anti-Vibration (AVI) isolation system, AVI Bolt retainer and foot stirrup for silent release and GAM Composite Stock has made them a leader and innovator in crossbow design. Gordon/Barnsdale limbs, known as some of the best limbs in the world, are on every Barnett crossbow.


Last year the Predator crossbow took the crossbow world by storm. With a 175# draw, this crossbow launches a bolt at a sizzling 375 fps which makes it one of the fastest crossbows on the market. A rugged design, packed full of features, has made this one of the most popular crossbows on the market.

Barnett released the Ghost series this year following their motto of making each model better, faster and stronger than the one before. The Ghost 400 has the new CRT Carbon Riser Technology which is another pioneering first for Barnett. It's lighter and stronger than the ones before. This crossbow is scary fast with a 185 lb draw weight. It drives a 400 grain bolt at an incredible 400fps. That makes it one of the fastest crossbows on the planet.


Starting out at around $350 and reaching to $1000 for the Ghost 400, Barnett has a model and price for everyone.


For the last 50 years, Barnett has been building some of the most reliable, dependable and pioneering crossbows on the planet. Made for the hunter by hunters, Barnett prides its self in giving hunters what they need and want. Barnett started out as a hobby to build a crossbow people want to hunt with and they've never forgotten their roots. With the new Ghost series, Barnet has once again set the standard for quality.